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Company History

Dana Clark

Thirty years ago I started Catering by Dana and the Absolute Barbecue Company. I really had no intention of starting a catering company. As a youngster barely able to peek over the counter tops, I went to work with my dad in the restaurant business as a dishwasher. Suffice it to say over the years, I've worked my way through the ranks. Restaurants were my passion for quite a few years, both owning them and cooking in them. Atari, one of the pioneers in the electronic industry and inventer of the game "Pong" asked me if I would cater for them. I did. The rest, so they say, is history. Atari is a Japanese verb meaning "to hit the target". Atari certainly helped me pave the way to hit the catering target!

I knew catering was a smart venture, and at first I started out with the "fine china" style catering weddings, bar mitzvahs, birthday bashes, grand openings, etc. I then expanded to our famed ribs and chicken, a more casual dining style and began catering for the Silicon Valley high tech industry. Soon car dealerships heard of us, football teams, large college campuses and a wide variety of companies. So, we expanded some more.


I've always had a passion for cars and all things cars. In 2009 I spied an ancient old 1955 Flxbus and had the idea to convert it into a food truck, an amazing, high styled, head turning food truck on wheels, able to offer any types of foods to any events, and so...we expanded again.

Today you can find us in Atherton at Holbrook-Palmer Park, or in Redwood City where we are headquartered. I look forward to seeing you at your next event. And by the way, I'm Dana, a man. Most of our clients ask to meet "her" and when they see me, they are surprised!

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